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One of the worst downsides of not sleeping well is constantly looking exhausted. Tired, lifeless skin and baggy eyes are dead giveaways of your exhaustion, but it’s hard to combat without getting proper sleep.

The good news is that there is a product out there that can help your skin look healthy and less tired. Today I’m going to give an in-depth Tiege Hanley review, the best skin care system around.

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(Quick note: this is NOT a sponsored post…I just love Tiege Hanley. Check them out here.)

My Skin Care Backstory

Since this website is dedicated to my personal experience with sleeping poorly, it’s no surprise that I usually look exhausted. However, the best thing I have ever done to not look exhausted is develop a great skin care routine.

Developing a good skin care routine is important for anyone because having clean, healthy looking skin is one of the best ways to fight premature aging and dark circles under your eyes. This second reason is especially important for those of us who don’t sleep well and want to not look exhausted.

If you have been on the internet in the past 10 years looking up anything related to men’s clothing or lifestyle, you have probably come across Aaron Marino and his Alpha M. YouTube channel. Aaron has the number one men’s lifestyle channel on YouTube, and he owns several very successful companies including Tiege Hanley.

I have been a subscriber of Aaron’s for years, back when he had less than 100k subscribers…which is already an impressive number, but at the time of this writing he is just about to hit 6 million subscribers.

Aaron would frequently discuss skin care in his videos and often made product recommendations based on the products he personally used. In my opinion, Aaron’s track record for product recommendations has been flawless, so I trusted him and bought almost every skincare product he recommended. And as always, the products worked well and improved the look of my skin.

But he also warned that the products were expensive, and they were. I was spending around $250 on skin care products, and I would run out of product every month and a half to two months. So I was spending anywhere from $1,500-$2,125 per year on products, and I was doing this as a college student!

Luckily Aaron announced that he was starting a new skin care company called Tiege Hanley, and I knew that he would knock-it-out-of-the-park. And just like Babe Ruth, Aaron hit a home run, and I have been a subscriber since day one.

Did Tiege Hanley Work?

Let me explain how well Tiege Hanley worked for me with the following story:

One day in graduate school I had to get up extra early for school and work. When I arrived, I saw one of my friends and we started a quick conversation. The conversation quickly moved to talking about how tired we all were (it was the end of the semester, too). Then my friend turns to me and says:

Friend: You say you’re always tired, but you never look tired.

Me: Really, you think so?

Friend: Yeah, your skin always looks so refreshed and awake. Is there something you do to not look so tired?

Me: I use this amazing skin care system called Tiege Hanley.

I promise you, that was an actual conversation. It felt amazing to have someone say that my skin looked refreshed and awake, and it felt even better to know that the investment in my skin care had been paying off.

What Is Tiege Hanley?

Tiege Hanley’s motto is “Uncomplicated Skin Care for Men.” It is true that they mainly market to men, but there are plenty of women who use Tiege Hanley (including Aaron’s wife).

The key word is uncomplicated. Tiege Hanley is an all-in-one system that takes the guesswork out of using and developing a skin care routine. They are a subscription service, and if you’re new to the whole skin care game, they have tons of resources that can help you figure it out.

The company was co-founded by Aaron and his three business partners, Rob, Kelley, and “The Chemist” (he likes to be private), and they decided to make skin care (particularly for men) easy.

How Does Tiege Hanley Work?

As I previously stated, Tiege Hanley is a subscription service. There are three Skin Care Systems (Levels 1, 2, 3) and two Acne Systems (Levels 1, 2) to choose from. Each system is designed to last for 30 days, but you can completely customize how frequently you want to receive each system.

But what if you’ve never done skin care before? How much product do I use? When do I use it? In what order?

Don’t worry, they’ve got you covered. In each box, your subscription will come with an instruction card that details everything for you: when to use the products, how much, etc. Seriously, they’ve done everything for you.

Instruction card

I also previously mentioned that you can customize how frequently you receive each system, and that’s another amazing aspect of Tiege Hanley. You can customize just about anything. If you use your system over 40 days instead of 30, you can customize it in your online account. Need more of a product? You can add additional products for a small fee. If there’s a way to customize your skin care system and experience, chances are Tiege Hanley has a way to help you.

The products in each system are of extremely high quality, and they give you exactly what you need: nothing more, nothing less. The products work together to not only nourish your skin, but protect your skin as well (from the sun, for example). Let’s go over what comes with each system so you can choose the best system for you:

Tiege Hanley Systems and Products

Skin Care Systems – Level 1 ($25/month)

Level 1 comes with the four basic products that everyone should be using: a daily face WASH, an exfoliating SCRUB, AM and PM moisturizers. When you read the included instruction card in your box, it will tell you that you should wash your face twice a day and apply the AM and PM moisturizers at the respective time of day. WASH is gentle on your skin because the skin on your face is more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body. AM has the added benefit of having an SPF of 20 to keep your skin protected. The exfoliating scrub should be used twice a week for a deeper, more aggressive cleaning of your skin. Level 1 is perfect for those who are just exploring skin care.

Skin Care Systems – Level 2 ($35/month)

Level 2 comes with everything in Level 1 but adds EYES, their incredible eye cream. This is the product, in my opinion, that has given me the greatest benefit in improving the look of my skin and making me appear less tired. EYES really does minimize, or sometimes erase, the bags and wrinkles around my eyes. EYES is used twice a day and applied after washing your face but before applying moisturizer. Level 2 is great for those who want a little extra help with looking younger, especially around your eyes.

Skin Care Systems – Level 3 ($45/month)

Level 3 comes with everything in Level 2 but adds SERUM. This product helps tighten your skin and further reduce fine lines and wrinkles on your face. SERUM is applied twice a day after washing your face and before EYES and your moisturizer. If you want the complete skin care package, Level 3 is the way to go.

Level 3

Acne System – Level 1 ($35/month)

Level 1 comes with WASH, SCRUB, AM, and their ACNE cream. The main active ingredient in ACNE is salicylic acid which is one of the best raw materials for fighting acne. This works in conjunction with several natural extracts. ACNE is applied at night, and they warn (I can attest to this as well) that the product does dry out your skin, so applying your daily AM moisturizer is extremely important. Level 1 is great for people with occasional or moderate blemishes.

Acne System – Level 2 ($45/month)

Level 2 comes with everything in Level 1 but adds an additional ACNE for use in the morning. Again, as warned above, you’ve got to use the daily moisturizers because ACNE will dry out your skin. If you have more severe acne, Level 2 is what you need.

Additional Add-On Products ($4-9.50)

Aside from adding extra product (like an extra WASH to your box), you can also choose from a few add-on products that they created for a small fee. These include hand sanitizer (though we’ll see how long that stays in stock), a lip balm, and soap bars. I won’t go into detail about these products because I don’t have experience with them, except LIP, but like with everything Tiege Hanley they are of the highest quality.

Tiege Hanley Review

I have been a Level 3 subscriber since day one, and Tiege Hanley is just about to be four years old. I truly can’t say enough good things about the products and company.

Before Tiege Hanley I had some prior experience with skin care so I had already developed a routine. But if you have never done skin care, this is the product and company to go with. They make everything so simple and uncomplicated. Everything is explained step-by-step and you don’t have to worry about getting anything wrong.

The products work amazing…much better than any other product I’ve used. As long as you use the products regularly, you will see results. The products feel light on your skin, and they don’t make your skin feel oily or sticky like some other products do.

And of course you can’t beat the price. Remember when I said I was spending more than $1,500 on skin care products before Tiege Hanley? I was wasting my money. Now I’m spending $540 a year on skin care…about 1/3 of what I used to spend, and the products are of a higher quality!

The ability to customize your experience is wonderful too. I personally use the system every 30 days because that works for me, but if you need to customize anything it’s very simple.

Finally, I want to mention the company itself. I’ve alluded to this before, but Tiege Hanley as a company is just as high quality as their products. I have worked customer service jobs before, and good customer service is very important to me. And because I have some experience in customer service, I have some insight into what good customer service looks like. When I think of all the companies I’ve ever interacted with at a customer service level, the best customer service experiences I’ve had have been with the following companies: The Walt Disney Company, Amazon, GoDaddy, Verizon…and Tiege Hanley.

That’s right, I rank Tiege Hanley’s customer service right up there with some of the biggest and most notable customer service oriented companies in the world. Every time I have ever needed to get in touch with Tiege Hanley, a real person always responds to me quickly (less than 24 hours in my experiences). And if there is anything I need help with or something needs to be fixed, they find a solution. There isn’t a problem they can’t solve.


I know that skin care doesn’t have much to do with sleeping poorly, but we all care about how we look and present ourselves. It’s hard to look our best when we’re exhausted, and a good skin care routine is a fantastic way to fight how tired you look.

If you’ve never tried skin care products, or you’re looking to get higher quality for a lower price, you need to check out Tiege Hanley. Again, this is not sponsored in any way. I just love this company and stand behind everything they do.

I highly recommend Tiege Hanley.

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